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Roses Stores Inc


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Ogden Shopping Cente
Wilmington, NC 28401
(910) 392-7015


Category: Shopping
Tags: department stores, death

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1 review for Roses Stores Inc

Roses Stores Inc
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roses blows which why they are damn near extinct now, everything in the store is old and out of date they might as well give up on electronics cause no one in their right mind is gonna buy a tv or anything from there cause the store might close tomorrow then you cant even return your 10 year old tv the day after you bought it, and their clothes suck and their cheap suits are only in black guy cuts, who the hell really needs a baggy suit, i mean its a suit your are supposed to dress like you care that your stuff fits. I wanted to buy one just to wear while i mow my lawn and i cant cause im afraid the coat tail will get sucked in the mower and kill me, and roses doesn't want that shit on their conscience

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Tags: department stores, death

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