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Dogtrain Inc


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1038 S Kerr Ave
Wilmington, NC 28403
(910) 395-4399


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1 review for Dogtrain Inc

Dogtrain Inc
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Dogtrain could be a good place to learn how to train your dog, but it's not. The woman who owns this outfit is named Diane. Diane is not only the owner but the lead trainer and she's quite rude. Diane has little patience with her human clients and actually degrades them in front of the entire class. My wife and I were floored by the way she spoke to us (along with all of her other paying customers) during our session. Over and over again throughout the hour long training session we were belittled and made to feel like fools by Diane. My wife and I are both college graduates (we aren't stupid people) and don't enjoy being put down by some redneck dog trainer.

So to sum up... If you like to be talked down to by a mediocre dog trainer with absolutely no people skills, DOGTRAIN is for you !!!

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