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Lacroix Veterinary Hospital


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908 Pine Grove Dr
Wilmington, NC 28409
(910) 799-3100


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1 review for Lacroix Veterinary Hospital

Lacroix Veterinary Hospital
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My husband and I found a little stray male cat. We planned to have him neutered and get his shots on payday and make him part of our family. He had fleas and ear mites so my husband stopped at the Lacroix Veterinary Clinic to purchase a tube of Revolution. The woman at the front desk said they didn't sell Revolution over the counter. The cat would have to be seen by a vet to get it. My husband asked if there was anything that they did sell over the counter for fleas or could she recommend anything as we couldn't afford to see the vet until the end of the month. Her recommendation was that we find the cat a better home since we were unwilling to give him the proper care. My husband thought he'd heard her wrong and asked her to repeat what she'd said. She told him he was unfit to have an animal and that he should find the cat a better home. A patient in the waiting room gasped in disbelief when she heard the woman say this. My husband said that he would be using another vet in the future and left. He'd given his name when he came in and our info was in their computer. She called Animal control, reported us for animal abuse and neglect and we are now facing $300 in fines and were given 72 hours to get the little stray neutered, get his shots and have him treated for fleas and ear mites or all our cats(we have four old cats who were once strays) would be taken from our home and we could be facing more fines and possible jail time. By filing a false report the staff at Lacroix have destroyed my family financially and emotionally for no reason.

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