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Frank Theatres - Coastal Cinemas 10


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5200 Bridgers Road
Shallotte, NC 28470


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1 review for Frank Theatres - Coastal Cinemas 10

Frank Theatres - Coastal Cinemas 10
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Coastal sucked!!!!!!!!!! probably more than a small vietnamese skank...they had popcorn and drinks spilled everywhere...there was a hobo puking his guts out in the bathroom...when he was finished he took my nachos...not to mention i caught one of the staff members spitting in it b4 they handed it to was horrible...when i went to look for the manager i found him smokin pot with some kids in the back of the theater!!!!!!!!! it was ludacris...when got my nachos back i entered the theater there were kids basically having sex right was really hard to concentrate on March Of The Penguins with these kids doin everything but foreplay...this movie theater was horrible but its the only one in brunswick...i will have to see Batman and his Dark Knight....

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When this movie theater first opened it was so clean and wonderful. It has since gone downhill since being bought out by Frank Theaters. I don't think they understand that they need to shampoo the carpets regularly (after hours) so it doesn't smell musty, lower the prices for the first showing on Sat. so the locals with their children can afford to take them someplace fun and turn down the air conditioning so you can enjoy the movie. If they want compete with Planet Fun they need to clean up. I haven't gone to a movie in the last month (I go every weekend) that started on time and that someone didn't have to get up and tell them the screen isn't in the center. What has happened, doesn't anyone take pride in their business or their work anymore. Signed Someone who cares.


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